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About EKN:s country policiy

EKN monitors developments in the countries of the world and assesses the risk of payment problems. The assessments are summarised in a country policy in which we state the country risk category on a scale of 0 to 7. The lower the number, the better the country's creditworthiness. Assessments are made continuously, as well as in annual regional reviews in collaboration with other OECD countries.

The country risk category for both short and long-term credit is shown in each case, as well as EKN’s possibility of offering guarantees for different categories of buyers or borrowers.

The highest country risk category includes both countries where EKN is able to offer guarantees and countries where we are off any type of cover. The colors indicate only a specific country risk category and provide no guidance as to whether the country is open for cover or not. Information about cover for risks can be found in each country’s cover policy table for the four different types of risk.

Country risk analyses

EKN produce country risk analyses for the around 25 countries across the world that have the greatest exposure to EKN guarantees. In addition, we publish analyses for other countries depending on the risk development and transaction flow.


A country can exist on more than one continent, as it can stretch geographically across two continents, but belong to one continent politically.

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