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You also have an obligation to notify us of unpaid receivables from the same buyer or borrower, even if these are not guaranteed by EKN.

We can then quickly agree on what needs to be done so as to prevent a loss. If you are late in advising us of non-payment, you may risk a delay in receiving compensation or even losing your right to compensation. The time frames are stated in the general terms and conditions. 

How to report non-payment

If you have applied using EKN Online, you can report delayed payment there, or use the Notification of delayed payment form. You will receive a confirmation when EKN has received your notification.

If you later receive payment of an amount that you have notified as delayed, you must inform EKN of this in writing.

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EKN's guarantees

Our guarantees offer numerous benefits, covering companies against non-payment risks and banks against operational and investment risks. Which guarantee suits you?

EKN's guarantees

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