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How does EKN counteract corruption?

The companies must declare that the transaction is free from corruption. If corruption is discovered, the EKN guarantee may be rendered void. EKN also performs its own checks.

Does EKN climate compensate for business flights?

EKN works actively to minimise the number of flights, but those that are necessary are climate compensated.

Does EKN insure exports to countries with dictatorship regimes?

Sweden has trade with most countries in the world. Global trade is important for development and change. There are only a few countries in the world on which the global community has chosen to impose trade sanctions. EKN sets requirements for responsible export to all countries. In some countries and industries, the environmental and social risks are higher and therefore require a more thorough review.

Does EKN insure exports to indebted poor countries?

EKN does not guarantee transactions to government buyers in heavily indebted poor countries if the country has reached its limit for commercial borrowing, set by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), or if the transaction is not in line with the country’s development strategy.

Does EKN assess the risk of violation of human rights in transactions with defence material?

In the case of exports of defence material that require an export licence from the Inspectorate for Strategic Products (ISP), EKN does not make any assessment of whether the transaction is consistent with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human rights (UNGPs).

In such transactions, the ISP has a specific mandate from the Swedish government to investigate the appropriateness of the export of defence material, taking into account, among other things, human rights in the buyer country. However, EKN performs the customary anti-corruption assessment, since this is not done by the ISP.

In transactions where the buyer is a country’s defence force or a company with military assignments and where an export licence from the ISP is not required, EKN performs the customary risk assessment in relation to the UNGPs.

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