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Increase sales with greater opportunities for financing

With EKN as a business partner you are secured against non-payment. This increases your opportunities for finance and can increase your sales.

With EKN’s guarantees, you can offer your customers competitive credit terms. Your payments are guaranteed and you can improve your cash flow by discounting your trade receivables.

For EKN, every transaction is important. No transaction is too big or too small. And we can secure your company’s transactions in most countries of the world. You decide yourself which export transactions you want to place with us. EKN acts as a complement to the private credit insurers.

About business area Large Companies

The business area Large Companies works with exporting companies with a turnover of over SEK 5 billion, and for banks participating in these transactions.

Team Infrastructure and Telecom:

Mobile, broadband and fixed networks, transmission of electricity, power generation, equipment for pulp and paper industry.

Team Defence, Industry and Medtech:

Medical and Industrial technique and commodities, and defence materials.

Team Automotive, Mining and Construction:

Automotive, mining and construction.

Guarantees that reduce risks

With an export credit guarantee from EKN, you are secured against the risk of non-payment in export transactions. The guarantees help you to finance your business and increase sales, in both developed and emerging markets.

Advantages for you as an exporting company

  • The risks involved in exports are reduced when EKN guarantees the payments.
  • Export sales increase when you can offer your customers competitive credit terms.
  • Cash flow is improved when you choose to discount invoices with EKN’s guarantee as security.

Advantages for your customers

  • The credit period can be longer than is possible on their local banking market.
  • Cash flow is improved and, therefore, credit limits with the customer’s own bank do not need to be used.

Take the first step today

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EKN's guarantees

Our guarantees offer numerous benefits, covering companies against non-payment risks and banks against operational and investment risks. Which guarantee suits you?

EKN's guarantees

Guarantee guide

With the help of the guarantee guide, you will find the right guarantee, regardless of whether you are an exporter, subcontractor or bank.

Guarantee guide

EKN Magazine

Welcome to EKN Magazine. We provide inspiration and offer tips for companies and banks that work with exports or have just begun that journey out in the world.

EKN Magazine



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