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EKN has two business areas, one for small and medium-sized enterprises, including mid-corp, and one for large corporates.

The Director General’s includes functions for compliance, business planning, international cooperation, human resources, communications, finance, and IT.

EKN's Board of Directors consists of members from the business sector, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Business Sweden. Also EKN's Director General is member of the board. The Government appoints the Board and Director General.

EKN's business areas

EKN for SME & midcorp businesses

EKN's guarantees open doors to new markets for companies with a turnover of less than five billion SEK.

EKN for SME & midcorp businesses

EKN for large corporates

More and bigger export transactions for companies with an annual turnover of more than SEK five billion.

EKN for large corporates

EKN's Management & Board of Diretors

Executive Management

Anna-Karin Jatko
Director General

Beatrice Arnesson
Director of Communications

Lena Bertilsson
Director of Business Area for Large Corporates 

Johan Damell
General Counsel

Carl-Johan Karlsson
Director of Business Area for SME and Midcorp

Carina Nordström
Director of Business Development and Operational support

Lovisa Onn
Director of HR

Peter Tuving
Director of Risk Management, Deputy Director General

Board of Directors


Sven-Eric Söder
Former Director General, Folke Bernadotte Academy

Board members:

Anna-Karin Jatko
Director General, EKN

Ramsay Brufer
Former Head of Corporate Governance, Alecta

Dag Juhlin-Dannfelt 
Ministry Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Åke Nordlander
Budget Director, Ministry of Finance

Jan Wäreby
Former Senior Vice President at Ericsson 

Peter Yngwe
Former CEO, Svensk Exportkredit AB (SEK)

Employee representative:

Eva Fahlin
Business Development

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