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EKN classifies transactions in terms of the risks pertaining to environmental and human rights in accordance with the OECD’s Common Approaches.*

The different risk classes

Category A means that exports will be used in an activity with risk of significant negative impact, B means a risk of some impact and C means limited or no impact.

Category A projects

For category A-projects, either in or near sensitive areas (irrespective of the value of EKN’s share) or where the value exceeds SEK 100 million, an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) will be made public on EKN’s website under the heading “Current Class A projects for decision” at least 30 days before EKN’s final decision in order to receive input on the transaction. This procedure is in accordance with the OECD Recommendation on Common Approaches to the Environment and Officially Supported Export Credits.

In addition to OECD’s recommendations, EKN also publishes information about Category A projects valued in excess of SEK 100 million that EKN reinsures. For reinsurance, EKN bases its environmental and social assessment on the evaluation that has already been conducted by the export credit agency that has applied for reinsurance with EKN.

Category A and B projects over SEK 100 million

Since 2019, EKN has published information about Category A and B projects valued in excess of SEK 100 million that have been guaranteed in previous years.

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