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1. Apply

Submit the application to EKN no later than the date that the risk arises, but preferably in good time beforehand. An application for an offer is free of charge. For some guarantees, you can apply via EKN Online. You can also apply for every guarantee by filling in a form.

2. Offer

EKN assesses the risks of the transaction and sends you an offer. The offer states the terms and conditions as well as the premium, or in other words what the guarantee will cost. It is very important that you read EKN’s General Conditions as well as any supplementary conditions, prior to the issuance of your guarantee, so that you know what applies for the guarantee.

3. Request for guarantee

If you have received an offer from EKN, confirm the transaction and wish to take up EKN’s guarantee, you must send us a request that you wish to have the guarantee to EKN.

4. Guarantee

EKN issues the guarantee, and you pay the premium.

4.1 You receive payment

5. Problems in a transaction

If you receive information that your customer is experiencing payment problems or other problems arise with the transaction, such as with delivery, you must inform EKN.

6. Non-payment

Payment delays must be reported as soon as possible following a delay of 30 days, or according to the terms of your specific guarantee. EKN pays compensation for completed and overdue claims following a qualification period of three months or earlier depending on which of our guarantees you have. At this point we will also take over your claim.

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EKN's guarantees

Our guarantees offer numerous benefits, covering companies against non-payment risks and banks against operational and investment risks. Which guarantee suits you?

EKN's guarantees

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