Guarantees for companies and banks

EKN's guarantees are utilized by banks and exporting companies. Companies providing credits to their customers and banks providing loans to buyers of Swedish goods and services cover their risks of non-payment. Banks also cover their risk on Swedish companies in connection with operating and investment financing.

The most requested guarantees and what they cover:

Guarantees for non-payment in supplier credits

  • For credit periods up to 12 months  Guarantee for trade receivables.
  • For longer export credits – Guarantee for Loss on Claim.

Buyer Credit guarantee

The Buyer Credit Guarantee is designed for banks financing purchase of Swedish goods and services. The guarantee covers the risk of non-payment by the borrower under a credit agreement.

Counter guarantee – for contract guarantees

The counter guarantee is utilized for contract guarantees, such as advance payment guarantees. It is used by banks to share the recourse risk on the supplier. The contract guarantee can be part of an export transaction or a transaction between a supplier and an exporting company.

Working capital credit guarantee

With a working capital credit guarantee, the bank shares the risk with EKN when providing working capital credits in the form of loans, invoice discounting or overdraft facilities.

Other guarantees

EKN also offers guarantees for banks’ confirmed letters of credit and discounted bills of exchange. Exporting companies can insure the risk of cancellation and unfair calling of a contract guarantee. EKN also have a guarantee for investments abroad, as well as a guarantee for investment credits that facilitate access to financing when investing in production facilities and machines in Sweden.

Web page last updated 22 Jul 2022