Guarantees that opens doors to new markets

Financing becomes easier for exporting companies when EKN is sharing the payment risk. This increases export business opportunities. EKN guarantees exports of both goods and services and both small and large transactions.

Our most requested guarantees

There are many risks that can arise in an export transaction. Here you can read about our three most requested guarantees and what they cover.

Guarantee for non-payment in supplier credits

  • For credits up to 12 months – Guarantee for trade receivables
  • For longer credit periods – Guarantee for loss on claim, for exporters

Counter Guarantee

  • For contract guarantees, for example advance payment guarantees
  • Is used by the issuing bank to share the recourse risk on the supplier.
  • Also sub-suppliers to exporting companies can use this guarantee       

Working capital credit guarantee

  • Shares the bank’s risk in loans and overdraft facilities financing the exports of small and medium-sized companies
  • Also sub-suppliers to exporting companies can use this guarantee

Other guarantees

EKN also has guarantees for banks confirmed letters of credit, discounted bills of exchange, and loans to the buyer in an export transaction. Exporting companies may insure the risk of cancellation pre-shipment and for unfair calling of a contract guarantee. We also have a guarantee for investments abroad.