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When the receivable is sold or collateralised, the rights are transferred to the bank. The exporting company notifies EKN of the transfer and if payment fails, EKN pays compensation to the bank.

In the event of a transfer, EKN offers the bank supplementary conditions for the Guarantee for loss on claim for exporters, credit period over 12 months. These supplementary conditions aim to make it possible for a bank that buys EKN-guaranteed receivables or accepts them as collateral to record the risk in the transaction as a risk at EKN, that is, the Swedish state, in accordance with the EU capital adequacy rules.

In order for the supplementary conditions to be applicable, the bank must ensure that the buyer accepts that the payment obligation is independent from the export contract.  This can be documented directly in the export contract or in, for example, a bill of exchange, promissory note or letter of credit.

For the supplementary conditions, the export company and the bank fill in the form Notice of transfer of rights and send to EKN.


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