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Sustainability in the business process

EKN is in constant dialogue with some of Sweden’s largest exporters and with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on how to continue promoting sustainable global development and responsible business practices in the locations where the exported products are used.

Responsible business

Countries adhering to the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises on Responsible Business Conduct support and promote standards for responsible business conduct through National Contact Points (NCPs). Sweden’s NCP is a tripartite collaboration between the State, the business sector and workers’ organisations.


Contact - Sustainability issues

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Anti-corruption, tax and sustainable lending

EKN does not accept corruption in any transaction that we guarantee, and we expect companies to comply with all current tax legislation and rules. Guarantees to public sector buyers in highly indebted low income countries are subject to separate assessment.

Environmental matters

EKN makes an assessment of the risk of negative environmental impact with a focus on the operations or project where the product is to be used.

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EKN analyses and reports the climate-related financial risks and opportunities that the agency operations and the provision of guarantees give rise to. We work actively with keeping up to date with climate issues, in part through our collaboration with international export credit organisations and through consultation with scientists.

Human rights

EKN makes an assessment of the risk of negative impact on human rights with a focus on the operations or project where the product is to be used.

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Environmental and human rights classification of transactions

EKN classifies transactions in terms of the risks pertaining to environmental and human rights in accordance with the OECD’s Common Approaches.

Q&A:s on sustainable and responsible business

The sustainability questions that EKN is most frequently asked about are what requirements we have and how we follow up on transactions, as well as about exports to countries with undemocratic governments.


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