About EKN

EKN, The Swedish Export Credit Agency, is an authority with the task of promoting Swedish exports. We do this by insuring the risk of not being paid in export transactions.

We also insure banks' lending to both exporting companies and their buyers.

EKN's guarantees make difficult markets available and enable more secure export transactions. We work with the big global companies as well as the very small ones, and guarantee their export business to over 130 countries.

Long-term guarantor for Swedish exports

EKN was established already in 1933 and has since been a complement to the private export credit insurance market. We have a worldwide network of banks, companies and other countries' export credit agencies. We also work closely with other export promotion organisations in Sweden.

EKN's commitment is on behalf of the Swedish state

EKN is funded with the guarantee holders’ premiums that reflect the risk in the transaction. The activities shall be financially self-sustaining over time.


The government appoints EKN's Board and Director General. The Minister of Trade is responsible for EKN in the government. EKN's mandate and mission are governed by regulations. The activities must follow instructions from the government, as stated in the annual letter appropriation.


Other promoters

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The government controls EKN

EKN's Board and Director General are appointed by the government. In the government, the Minister of Trade is responsible for EKN. EKN operates in accordance with the current regulations and the special instructions from the government which are specified in an annual letter of appropriation. 


Export Credit Guarantee Ordinance 2007
Certificate EKN Central Government Authority 2020
Certificado EKN Autoridad del Gobierno Central 2019