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Why does EKN have a whistleblowing service?

EKN is a government agency tasked with promoting Swedish exports and supporting the international development of Swedish industry. We guarantee payments and share risk management with exporting companies and banks. Our operations are financed through policy holders’ premiums.

The whistleblowing service can be used to inform about a concern regarding something that is not aligned with our values and ethical code, and that may seriously affect our organisation or a person, such as:

  • Financial crime or corruption
  • Major deficiencies in workplace safety
  • Serious environmental crime
  • Serious discrimination and harassment
  • Serious impact on the local community and vulnerable groups

You do not require any evidence for your suspicion, but all reports must be submitted in good faith.

Who can make a report?

Anybody can report their suspicions. It does not matter whether you are a customer, a supplier or a citizen. You are anonymous. To ensure your anonymity, this service is handled by an external party, Lantero AB. When you make contact, you never need to provide your identity. The reporting channel is encrypted.

Important information for EKN employees

To guarantee anonymity, employees are encouraged to use a computer or mobile phone that is not connected to the workplace network or wifi. Do not use your EKN work units for reporting as it can be traceable.

How to use the service

The reporting channel is encrypted. Copy the following link and paste it to your web browser to use the service:

If you have a QR reader in your mobile phone you can also scan the QR code below and enter the reporting website directly.

QR code

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