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Becoming an EKN Online user

In order to become an EKN Online user you log in with your electronic identification (eID) and accept that EKN can store your personal data for this purpose. You can find an online services agreement on EKN Online.

An online services agreement for EKN Online comprises the following:

  • Online services agreement for EKN Online
  • General Terms and Conditions for EKN Online
  • Power(s) of attorney for EKN Online

Authorisation for a company account

In conjunction with signing the online services agreement, the account holder issues a power of attorney to a user that provides said user with authority to act as the account administrator.

Thereafter, the administrator can, on behalf of the account holder, authorise additional users to use the company account to perform tasks on behalf of the account holder.

However, the administrator is unable to appoint other administrators. If a user is connected to several company accounts, a power of attorney is required for each company account.

How do I access an existing company account?

If you wish to connect to an existing company account, you can log in to EKN Online and create a user. You can then state the account number connected to the company account. The administrator will then be able to approve your connection to the company account.

How do I revoke user access to a company account?

An account administrator can revoke access for a user that is to no longer have authorization to a company account in EKN Online. The user can also remove themselves.

You can find Remove a user from an account under “Accounts”/”select account to open”/”User”/”select name of user”/”Display”.

Available eID methods

To log in to EKN Online and use EKN’s services, you require electronic identification.

Available eID methods

Logging in, creating a new account and different user levels – step by step

1. Logging in

Logging in to EKN Online. You require electronic identification (see below) to log in. You can apply for an account in EKN Online.

2. Apply for an EKN Online company account

In order to use EKN Online, you need a company account. Fill out the information regarding the company/bank you represent and submit the application to EKN.

You may select several EKN Online company accounts for, for example, various business areas. Each account needs to go through this process with agreements and powers of attorney.

3. Print the online services agreement and the administrator power of attorney

The final page of the Online Company Account application process has links to the Online Services Agreement and the Administrator Power of Attorney. Please print these documents.

4. Authorised signatory signs the documents

The online services agreement and administrator power of attorney for EKN Online need to be signed by an authorised signatory.

EKN will verify the signature against a Swedish registration document.
(Please note that this is not considered an operational management measure and requires an ordinary authorised signatory).

If the applicant is not registered in Sweden, a legal opinion is also required.

5. Send the originals of the documents to EKN

Send to the following address:
P.O. Box 3064
SE-103 61 Stockholm

For quicker processing, please address this to EKN and not to any specific individual.

If you require urgent access to EKN Online, you can e-mail a copy of the authorised documents to to gain partial access and to enable you to fill out an application for a guarantee. However, EKN requires receipt of the original documents within 14 days.

6. EKN verifies the documents

EKN verifies the documents and authorised signatory as well as any legal opinion. The administrator is then provided with access to EKN Online.

7. Add new user/restricted user

The administrator can now approve new users to the EKN Online account. New users enter EKN Online and request connection with an existing account. The administrator sees these under “Connections to approve”.

A restricted user can do everything that does not require a signature in EKN Online. They can, for example, create a draft of an application, but cannot sign and submit the application.

A user can sign and submit the application and handle all steps in the guarantee process. However, they cannot approve new users or administer account information.

8. Become an administrator

In order to become an account administrator for a company account, you must print an administrator power of attorney. This needs to be signed by an authorised signatory and sent to EKN in original format.

The administrator power of attorney can be found on EKN Online under “Accounts”/“select account to open”/”User”/”select name of user to show”.

EKN recommends that you have at least two administrators for each account.

Available eID methods

To log in to EKN Online and use EKN’s services, you require electronic identification.

Available eID methods

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