Transactions with Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

EKN classifies transactions with medium and long-term credit periods into categories A, B or C according to their environmental and social risk. Category A transactions involve a significant risk, while category B transactions involve some risk.

For category A-projects, either in or near sensitive areas (irrespective of the value of EKN’s share) or where EKN’s share is above 100 MSEK, an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) will be made public by EKN at least 30 days before final decision is made. This procedure is in accordance with the OECD Recommendation on Common Approaches to the Environment and Officially Supported Export Credits.

Pending category A-transactions

Amadeus Pulp Mill, Brazil

Mirama / Kikagati / Nsongezi 132kV transmission line and associated substation, Uganda

Caculo Cabaça Hydropower Project, Angola

Dar es Salaam to Dodoma railway, Tanzania