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The guarantee can be used by investors or financiers of investment loans.

Protect your foreign investment

The investment guarantee can be used by investors or financiers of investment loans. It offers protection against events that occur as from the date of the full or partial completion of the investment or the disbursement of the loan.

With an EKN guarantee, you know that you will be compensated if, due to government intervention in the country of investment, you cannot dispose of the investment or if the investment loan you have extended is not repaid.

Investments that can be guaranteed

You can apply for a guarantee for investments and investment loans that promote Swedish interest. They should be sound investments that contribute to economic development in the country of investment. EKN offers guarantees for investments both in goods and in service production.

Examples of investments are share acquisition through capital or in kind, licenses or franchises. EKN can also guarantee the risk that you will be unable to collect the return on the investment.


Investment currency

The investment currency determines in which currency EKN will issue the guarantee. When your investment currency is Swedish Kronor, Euro, US Dollars, Swiss Francs or Japanese Yen, EKN issues the guarantee, invoices the premium and pays compensation in this currency. For other contract currencies, EKN issues the guarantee, the premium invoice and disburses the claims payment in Swedish kronor.

Collateral for payment

EKN has no general requirement that there must be collateral for the repayment of investment loans. But in some cases it is a prerequisite for being able to issue our guarantee for a transaction. Examples of such collateral are payment guarantees and mortgages in equipment.

Responsible business in the provision of guarantees

EKN wants to promote responsible business. We assess the risk of negative environmental impact in our guarantee decisions. We also consider social issues and that there is no corruption in the transaction. Some of the questions in the application pertain to this.


Review the following steps to apply for an investment guarantee.

Apply in good time before you have committed to your investment. EKN conducts a risk assessment. If it is acceptable, an offer is submitted.

Request guarantee

You send us a request for guarantee to be issued encompassing the value of your completed investment. You can also choose to report the expected return on the investment.

1. Value of the investment

When the investment has been fully or partially completed or the loan has been disbursed, request to EKN that you want to have the guarantee issued within 30 days.

2. Return on the investment

Report the return to EKN once a year, at the latest 30 days after the end of the investment company’s financial year. In the report, make an assessment of the expected return in the year ahead.

Pay the premium

EKN sends the guarantee and a premium invoice to you. The premium must be paid within 30 days from the date of invoice.

Frequently asked questions about the investment guarantee



You can find the documents required to apply for a guarantee here.


General conditions for investment guarantees

The file is a PDF document

Download the document


Application for Investment guarantee on behalf of the lender 1.15e

The file is a PDF document

Download the document

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