Green export credit guarantee

The green export credit guarantee is a guarantee for exports that contribute to the climate transition. With this guarantee, exporters and banks can insure up to 100 per cent of the value of a transaction to protect themselves from the risk of non-payment.

In order to make use of the green export credit guarantee, the export transaction must be for green products or products with an end use as part of a green activity. Cover of up to 100 per cent can be insured, unlike EKN’s standard export credit guarantees that normally offer 95 per cent risk cover.

EKN follows the EU taxonomy’s classification of green activities that contribute to climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation to determine whether an export transaction can be covered by the green export credit guarantee.

The following guarantees can be applied for as green export credit guarantees

For exporting companies:

For banks:

Applications are made using the standard forms for each type of guarantee. Attach the green appendix, to be completed by the exporter, to the application. In the green appendix, the exporter describes how the export contributes to the climate change mitigation or climate change adaptation and how other environmental objectives are impacted.



Send in the application to EKN not later than the date on which you make the delivery, but preferably well in advance of this date. Applying for an offer is free of charge. In your application you must answer a number of questions about your export transaction, and for certain transactions you will need to provide financial information about your buyer. You can apply for the guarantee using a form. Attach the green appendix, to be completed by the exporter, to the application. In the green appendix, the exporter describes the contribution to the climate transition or climate change adaptation and how the transaction does no significant harm to any of the other environmental objectives.

Application forms and green appendix


EKN assesses the risk in the transaction and the degree to which it meets the requirements in the EU Taxonomy, and provides you with a quote. The offer shows terms and conditions and the premium that EKN charges for the guarantee.

It is very important that you read through EKN’s General Terms and Conditions and any additional terms in the offer carefully before the guarantee is issued.

Calculate premium

Request for guarantee

If you have received an offer from EKN, secure the transaction and want to have a guarantee, submit a request that you want to receive the guarantee not later than 30 days after you have made the delivery.

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EKN issues the guarantee, and you pay the premium.



It is your obligation to inform EKN if your buyer is experiencing payment problems, both in your transactions that are guaranteed by EKN and other transactions, or if you have learnt something about the buyer that could jeopardise the payment. Payment delays must be reported as soon as possible following a delay of 30 days, or whatever applies to your specific guarantee. EKN pays compensation for completed and overdue claims following a qualification period of three months. At this point we will also take over your claim.

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