How it works

Here you can see how to apply for an EKN guarantee for export credits. The process differs somewhat depending on which type of guarantees you seek. Under Guarantees, in the top menu, you will find more detailed information for each guarantee.



You submit an application to EKN at the latest on the day when the risk arises, but preferably in advance. There is no application fee. For some types of guarantee you can apply in EKN Online. You can also apply for all guarantees by filling in forms.



EKN assesses the risk in the transaction and, if acceptable, sends you an offer. In the offer you can find terms and conditions and the guarantee premium, i.e. what the guarantee will cost you. It is very important that you read EKN's General Conditions and any additional terms and conditions so that you know what applies to the guarantee.


Request guarantee

If you have received an offer, you get your deal, and you would like to have the EKN guarantee, you send us a request for guarantee.



EKN issues the guarantee and you pay the premium.


You receive payment from your buyer


Problem in the transaction

If you find out that your buyer has payment difficulties, or if other problems in the transaction occur as for example in the delivery, you must inform EKN.


Non-payment by your buyer

Payment delays shall be notified in writing as soon as possible after a delay of 30 days, or as shown by your specific guarantee. EKN pays compensation for non-disputed debt after a waiting period of three months or sooner, depending on which of our guarantees you have. Then we also take over your claim.

Web page last updated 22 Jul 2022