Guarantee for trade receivables, credit period maximum 12 months

The guarantee for trade receivables covers the risk that your foreign buyer does not pay according to agreement. This guarantee protects against events that occur with effect from the day the claim arises, which is normally when you deliver a product or service.

With an EKN guarantee you know that you will receive compensation if your customer does not pay, which makes it easier for you to offer the customer credit.

You can also use the guarantee as security if you choose to have a bank or other credit institution finance the transaction. In this case, you assign the claim and the rights under guarantee to the financier.

Transactions that can be guaranteed

You can apply for a guarantee for trade receivables for different types of foreign transactions associated with the export of goods and services and leasing. EKN can cover both small and large scale transactions with this guarantee.



You submit the application to EKN no later than the date of your delivery, but preferably in good time beforehand. An application for an offer costs nothing. In the application you answer a number of questions about your export transaction, and for certain transactions you must add financial information about your buyer. You can apply for a guarantee using EKN Online, or on a form.

Apply Online


EKN assesses the risks in the transaction and sends you an offer. The offer states the conditions and the premium, or in other words what the guarantee will cost you. You can get an indication of the premium here

It is very important that you read EKN’s general conditions and any supplementary conditions, prior to your requesting the guarantee, so that you know what is applicable to the guarantee.

Premium indication

Request guarantee

If you have received an offer from EKN, confirm the transaction and wish to take up the guarantee, you must send us a request that you wish to have the guarantee issued no later than 30 days after you have delivered. If you have applied in EKN Online this is also where you request the guarantee, otherwise you can download a form.

Download form EKN Online


EKN issues the guarantee and you pay the premium.



You must inform EKN if your buyer has payment problems, both in your transactions that are guaranteed by EKN and those that are not, or if you have discovered anything about the buyer that might put payments at risk. Payment delays must be reported as soon as possible after a delay of 30 days, or according to what is stated in your guarantee. If you have applied in EKN Online this is also where you notify us of a delay, otherwise you can download a form. EKN will pay compensation for a clear and due claim after a waiting period of three months. We also then take over your claim.

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