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The project involves upgrading of older existing dual gauge rail to standard gauge; construction of new railway in selected segments; and upgrades and construction of stations. During a transition phase, the new railway will be used mostly for freight traffic, and then gradually passenger traffic will be enhanced and developed.

The project has a preliminary classification as category A. The key environmental and social risks and impacts from the project relate to labour and working conditions; community health, safety and security; biodiversity; land acquisition and involuntary resettlement; and cultural heritage.

The original Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) of the project is available in the following document:

EKN conducts Environmental and Social (E&S) due diligence of the project based on the existing ESIA. EKN is engaged in close dialogue with involved parties to ensure that risks are managed in line with international standards. 

The information was published on EKN's website on January 18th, 2021. Comments on the project can be made within at least 30 days. This procedure is in accordance with the OECD Recommendation on Common Approaches for Export Credit Agencies (ECAs), the so-called “Common Approaches”.

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