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Hans Lindberg, PhD, CEO of the Banking Association and member of EKN's board since 2016 has been appointed as Chairman of the Board by the government.

Hans Lindberg has a long background in the government administration, among other things as State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance 2010-2014, Director General at the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, ESV and Deputy Director General at the National Institute of Economic Research. He has also been Chief Economist at Skandia Liv and has worked for many years at the National Bank of Sweden.

"It is an incredibly interesting and exciting assignment. I look forward to contributing to developing EKN's work to promote Swedish exports, in close collaboration with both companies and banks" says Hans Lindberg.

"I am very pleased that Hans Lindberg has been appointed EKN's new chairman. His contribution will be valuable in our developing of financing solutions to exporting companies" says EKN’s Director General Anna-Karin Jatko.

Hans Lindberg succeeds Jan Roxendal, who has been EKN's Chairman of the Board since 2010.

"Jan Roxendal's contribution to EKN's development has been extensive. EKN is very grateful for his impressive achievements, "says Anna-Karin Jatko.