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“EKN issues guarantees to cover a significant share of total exports from Sweden. As such, the agency has influence, also in terms of sustainability. I want to use this influence,” says Karin Wessman.

Her new role involves leading EKN's team of sustainability analysts, ensuring investigations into how sustainability risks can be managed among purchasers of Swedish equipment, developing collaboration with Swedish export businesses on issues relating to sustainability and promoting sustainability in international collaborations.

Karin Wessman started as a sustainability analyst for EKN in 2013. In 2017, she was promoted to the role of Coordinator and Sustainability Manager at EKN. Before coming to EKN, she worked as a sustainability consultant at ÅF. She has also held managerial positions within the WWF's international efforts.

“Swedish exports are often instrumental in generating improvements and development in the purchasing country. However, if such development is to be sustainable, projects and companies in the purchasing country must be able to responsibly manage the risk involved for people and the environment,” explains Karin Wessman, adding:

“As Director of Sustainability at EKN, I now have the opportunity to make demands for improvements together with the Swedish export companies and the banks that finance them. I will also be able to address these issues with our international partners, encouraging export credit authorities in other countries to make the same demands. Looking back, there have been numerous positive developments in terms of sustainability, and looking forward, there is still much to be done.”

Today, EKN issues guarantees for business transactions in 130 countries, at a total value of SEK 182 billion.