EKN has an impact on the global climate, through the provision of guarantees contributing to the financing of operations. The guarantee has partly a negative climate impact when operations involve greenhouse gas emissions, and partly a positive climate impact when operations are part of climate change. At the same time, both climate change and climate change have an impact on EKN’s financial position.

EKN is committed to analyzing and reporting climate-related financial risks and opportunities. From 2022, the reporting must be public and in accordance with the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations. With the help of these, both climate impact and financial climate risks are analysed.

As a pilot project, EKN has produced a climate report for 2021. The work has taken place in close collaboration with SEK. The analysis shows that EKN’s exposure to fossil-based industries with a high transition risk is limited. Analysis of selected projects shows that individual guarantee commitments are vulnerable to climate-related transition risks and physical risks.

Web page last updated 14 Oct 2022