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About us

EKN is a Swedish government agency that assists Swedish companies in securing financing from their banks. Our guarantees often provide the critical support necessary to make an investment happen, especially now during tougher times.

Whether your business exports directly or serves as a subcontractor to exporters, we can facilitate your financing. By insuring up to 80% of a bank's credit risk on export transactions, we empower banks to confidently say yes to their clients' ventures.

We are here for all Swedish businesses, big and small, across all sectors. No export deal is too small for us!

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EKN's guarantees

Our guarantees offer numerous benefits, covering companies against non-payment risks and banks against operational and investment risks. Which guarantee suits you?

EKN's guarantees

EKN Magazine

Welcome to EKN Magazine. We provide inspiration and offer tips for companies and banks that work with exports or have just begun that journey out in the world.

EKN Magazine

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