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What was it like to moderate the panel?

“It was good to see representatives from all areas of business taking part in the discussion. Everyone from lenders to those who negotiate contracts and structure and carry out transactions. It meant that we talked about how we do things in practice, in our day-to-day work. I think we had a good, open dialogue.”

The members of the panel were: Kaj Möller, Sweco, Ann-Catrine Bertlin, Atlas Copco, Per Bengtsson, Nordea, Hasan Cevik, Yapi Merkezi, and Juliette Lascoux, SEB.

Which issues did the panel focus on?

“We devoted a lot of time to human rights and anti-corruption in business. The panellists shared their approaches on these topics and what requirements they have to deal with them, as well as about the challenges they encounter in their business. Several of the panellists mentioned that their ability to handle sustainability risks had contributed to new business opportunities. This is extremely positive. The trade of the future will be sustainable. There is no way back.”

What is most important for this development to continue?

“Capacity-building and training throughout the value chain is key. Frameworks and guidelines on how to deal with sustainability issues must permeate the entire business. What is clear to me is that the more we work together and the more open we can be with one another around practical approaches to sustainability, the quicker we will achieve a positive development. The kind of discussion we had today leaves me incredibly inspired and hopeful.”