Annual Report 2015

What can EKN do for you?

EKN is a business partner to exporting companies and banks. With us you can insure yourself against the risk of non-payment. We insure both large and small transactions in most of the countries of the world.



  • Capella Industries
  • Ericsson Japan: "Focus on opportunities"
  • ABB Sweden AB
  • Metso Paper Sweden
  • Scania Latin America
  • Siemens industrial turbomachinery AB
  • Skaltek
  • Safeaero and Nordea Bank
  • Skaltek

Country list

Here you can see EKN’s country policies. The policy for each country is based on our assessment of the political risk associated with credit transactions with buyers in the country in question.

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January–December 2015: Major increase in issuing of guarantees

The SAAB Gripen transaction with Brazil led to a major increase in EKN's issuing ...

EKN reintroduces export credits guarantees to Iran

After the lifting of sanctions, EKN is reintroducing export credit guarantees to Iran.

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