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EKN and the climate

EKN has an impact on the global climate, through the provision of guarantees to projects and businesses. The guarantees have a negative climate impact when the end use entails greenhouse gas emissions, and a positive climate impact when they are part of climate transition activities. At the same time, the climate change and the climate change transition both impact on EKN’s financial position.

The reporting is public and in line with the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations. With the help of these, both climate impact and financial climate risks are analysed.

Moreover, EKN has an impact through business-related flights. More information can be found on this at the foot of the page.

EKN’s and SEK’s scientific climate council

The Scientific Climate Council, a group of academic experts, provides advisory support to EKN and SEK to assist aligning the Swedish export finance system with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C goal.

The climate council’s work focuses on the impact that export finance has on global GHG emissions. Moreover, the climate council is a vital knowledge resource and a discussion partner for EKN and SEK concerning fundamental strategic policy positions. The council has no operational role in individual business transactions

Examples of topics that could be addressed in the climate council include how commitments of countries and companies are updated and how the IPCC’s reports should impact the direction of both Swedish and international export finance systems. Another example is the role of natural gas for the energy transition of low- and middle-income countries.

Scientists in the climate council

  • Måns Nilsson, Executive Director at SEI and Adjunct Professor in Environmental Strategies Research at the Royal Institute of Technology
  • Max Åhman, Associate Professor in Environmental and Energy Systems studies at Lund University
  • Tomas Kåberger, Professor at Chalmers and former Director General of Swedish Energy Agency
  • Anna Krook-Riekkola, Associate Professor in Energy Science at Luleå University of Technology

Meeting notes

You can read the notes from various meetings of EKN’s and SEK’s scientific climate council and the assignment description for the council here.


Meeting notes - Reflections from COP28

and the role of fossil and hydrogen gas

The file is a PDF document

Download the document


Assignment description - scientific climate council

The file is a PDF document

Download the document
E3F logo

The Export Finance for Future “E3F”

The E3F (the Export Finance for Future) coalition was launched in April 2021 with the aim of promoting and supporting a shift in investment patterns towards climate-neutral export projects and increased transparency.

The countries that join the E3F coalition are committed to working for greater transparency. On this page you will find the first joint reports covering fossil and renewable energy. The work is reported on an ongoing basis.


  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • Sweden
  • Germany

Sweden is represented in this context by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the support of EKN in matters of fact. More countries are welcome to join the initiative.

More information can be found on E3F’s LinkedIn page.

EKN’s carbon footprint

EKN’s own operations have a relatively small carbon footprint aside from some business-related flights required by the operations.

EKN’s business travel

EKN works actively to reduce the number of business-related flights by always questioning whether the travel is necessary and how many need to travel as well as considering whether the flight can be replaced with a digital meeting.

All flights are climate compensated through the company Atmoz Consulting. This is done in accordance with the requirements set for the Gold Standard, which is a quality mark for climate compensation projects. This entails strict rules of conduct with additional requirements for social responsibility and sustainable development.

EKN has climate compensated since 2014.

Certificates for climate compensation

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