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EKN makes difficult markets accessible for Swedish exports

Our activities are financed with the premiums of the guarantee holders and are therefore not tax-financed. The right financing offer is a big advantage in international business. With EKN's guarantees, you can offer your customers competitive credit terms - regardless of whether you export goods or services. The guarantees make difficult markets accessible and export business possible.

Business relations with companies and banks

Our activities encompass export transactions in 140 different countries, and the companies we help range from small companies to large groups.  EKN has existed since 1933, and has a broad network which includes banks, EKN's counterparts in other countries and other export-promoting organisations.

Swedish public interest

If your business has a Swedish export connection and a Swedish public interest, it can be guaranteed by EKN, even if the product is manufactured in another country. This may apply, for example, to a company with essential functions in Sweden or a business that leads to Swedish exports.

EKN's guarantees can also be used by subcontractors in export business.

EKN's commitments are also the Swedish state's

The nature of the commission means EKN is both a business partner and a government authority. A decision from EKN to provide a guarantee is based on EKN's commercial assessment of the risk. 

The premium paid by guarantee holders reflects the risk in the transaction and represents EKN's provision for loss. EKN has established a strong financial position, and is able to honour their commitments and expand activities using own resources.

There have been periods in EKN's history when our reserves did not cover the costs of loss. In these situations, EKN has an unlimited borrowing facility with the Swedish National Debt Office. The loans, with interest, have since been repaid.


The government appoints EKN's Board and Director General. The Minister for International Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade is responsible for EKN in the government. EKN's mandate and mission are governed by regulations. The ongoing operations follow instructions from the government, as stated in the annual letter appropriation.



Certificate EKN Central Government Authority 2023

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Certificado EKN Autoridad del Gobierno Central 2023

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