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Most of the seminars will be broadcasted live on November 3rd: 

EKN:s key messages in short:

  1. Export credit agencies like EKN, have an enormous potential to contribute to the climate transition, in particular in developing markets. Reducing risks and lowering costs for investors will be essential to ensure investments in successful and affordable clean energy transition.
  2. To support developing countries in the climate as well as SDG-agenda, export credit agencies must work collaboratively with the wider financial sector. This means new types of collaboration between aid agencies, export credit agencies and development finance institutions.
  3. However, the governing regulations from the OECD must be modernised immediately to fully harness export credit agencies’ potential for support to climate transition. More attractive incentives, such as adapted terms and tenors are needed to actively encourage and facilitate export of renewable energy and other transactions that advance the global climate transition.
  4. Action is called for today. EKN and SEK are working hard to align the Swedish export finance system with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C goal and our climate transition efforts are at the forefront globally - we want to push others to follow and act now.

Links to live broadcasts November 3rd:

9-10 (GMT) Boosting sustainable financing, Nordic perspective

13-14 (GMT) Innovative clean energy financing, emerging markets

14-15 (GMT) Setting strategic direction and targets for net zero commitments