Workshop Grön Trade Finance

Kalender - 19 OKT 2023

En workshop i Göteborg som syftar till att visa upp den senaste utvecklingen inom området grön Trade Finance.

Program 19 oktober

11.00-11.10 Introduktion – Viktor Elliot, Handelshögskolan och Åsa Larsson, EKN

11.10-11.40 ICC pilot on new sustainability framework for trade transactions in the textiles sector by Tomasch Kubiak, Policy Manager Banking Commission, International Chamber of Commerce

Gröna trade finance lösningar - Olle Billinger, Advisor Climate & Sustainable Finance SEB

11.40-11.50 Introduktion till workshop – Viktor Elliot

11.50-12.45 Rundabordssamtal och lunch

12.45-13.30 Sammanfattning och återkoppling från deltagarna

Frågor som diskuteras under eventet:

  • What are the main challenges and barriers faced by businesses when it comes to implementing sustainable trade practices and accessing green trade finance? How can these challenges be overcome?
  • What are some innovative green financing instruments and mechanisms that can facilitate sustainable trade? How can businesses effectively utilize these instruments to support their sustainability goals?
  • In your experience, what are some successful examples of green trade finance initiatives or projects? What were the key factors that contributed to their success, and how can these insights be applied to promote further adoption of sustainable trade practices?
  • How can policymakers and financial institutions collaborate to create an enabling environment for green trade finance? What regulatory frameworks and incentives can be put in place to encourage businesses to embrace sustainable trade and access the necessary financial resources?

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