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With EKN's guarantees, you as a bank can do more for your customers. The need for capital adequacy decreases and credit limits increase.

Collaborate with EKN and offer your customers better terms

There are several guarantees that insure the bank's risk on the exporting company. Our most widely used guarantees insure payment in export credits from supplier or bank, but we also offer solutions for bank guarantees as for example for advance payments, for discounted bills of exchange and confirmed letters of credit.

One of the most common guarantee used by Swedish banks, is the Working capital credit guarantee for smaller companies. With a working capital credit guarantee, a bank or Almi shares the risk with EKN when providing working capital credits in the form of loans, invoice discounting or overdraft facilities.

Working capital credit guarantee for smaller companies

Guarantees for banks

Here you can find a guarantee that suits your needs. 

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