EKN welcomes scrutiny and opinions. You can report suspected irregularities through our whistleblowing service.

EKN is a state authority with the task of promoting exports and developing the internationalisation of Swedish business and industry. We insure payments and share risk with exporting companies and banks. These activities are financed with the premiums paid by insurance holders.

You are anonymous. It does not matter whether you are a customer, a supplier or a citizen. Anybody can report their suspicions.

To ensure your anonymity, this service is handled by an external party, Lantero AB, https://lantero.report/en/ekn. When you make contact you never need to provide your identity. The reporting channel is encrypted.

EKN employees are encouraged to primarily report using the reporting instructions in the code of conduct (uppförandekoden). If you wish to remain anonymous, make sure the computer or mobile phone used is not connected to the workplace network or wifi and do not use your EKN work units as it can be traceable.

Lantero whistleblowing

When you make your report you never need to disclose your identity. The reporting channel is encrypted.

Copy in the following in your browser to enter the service:


If you have a QR reader in your mobile phone you can also scan the QR code below and enter the reporting website directly.

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