ZESCO Transmission Line, Zambia

The project involves the wholly state-owned power company Zesco Ltd. in Zambia. The project is to construct an approximately 850 km long power transmission line at 132 kV and associated substations.

The project aims to link Zambia's North Western provinces with the national power grid in eastern Zambia. The electricity supply in these provinces is today based to 80% using diesel generators. The generation of electricity in the national grid is based 100 % on hydroelectric power. EKN guarantees deliveries from Eltel Networks TE AB to the project.

The project is classified as an A project for both environmental and social issues. More information about the project are available in the following web links: 

Resettlement Policy for Transmission and Distribution Projects

Decision Letter from the Environmental Council of Zambia

Environmental and Social Management Plan

Final Environmental Impact Assessment


The information was published on EKN´s website www.ekn.se on January 23th, 2014. Comments on the project can be made within at least 30 days. This procedure is in accordance with the OECD Recommendation on Common Approaches for Export Credit Agencies (ECAs).

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