Konkola Deep Mining Project, expansion of underground mine in Zambia

EKN is considering a guarantee for financing of exports to a subcontractor to the Konkola Copper Mines, KCM, http://kcm.co.zm/. The Konkola Copper Mines consist of several mines, smelters and a refinery. The equipment will be used in the expansion of the Konkola mine’s underground operations, which will expand production.

The main environmental and social impacts of the Konkola Copper Mines relate to water management. Other issues relate to emissions from the smelter and noise. The impacts are mainly related to the Nchanga mines and smelter and not the Konkola underground mine. KCM has an action plan in place to improve its environmental and social performance to be in line with the IFC Performance Standards.

Since EKN is not providing guarantees for financing of KCM, but one of its subcontractors, EKN cannot publish any reports about the environmental and social impact of the Konkola deep mining project. However, comments on the project will be taken into consideration.

This information was published on EKN´s website www.ekn.se from March 6, 2018. Questions on the project can be made within 30 days to info@ekn.se. This procedure is in accordance with the OECD Recommendation on Common Approaches to Environmental and Social Due Diligence for Officially Supported Export Credits.