Cobre Panama Mine Project, Panama

The Cobre Panama project is a proposed open pit copper mine project in Panama. The project is currently in a construction phase. The project’s main facilities include a mine site, a process plant, a tailings management facility, a port site and a coal-fired power plant.

Key environmental and social issues for the project are related to air emissions from the power plant; changes to stream flows and water quality; loss of forest and impacts on threatened and endemic flora and fauna species and ecosystems; and, resettlement of three communities.

The project has a preliminary classification as a category A-project. Additional information on the social and environmental impacts are available in the following web links:

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Executive Summary

Project Description 


The information was published on EKN´s website on October 17th, 2017. Comments on the project can be made within at least 30 days. This procedure is in accordance with the OECD Recommendation on Common Approaches for Export Credit Agencies (ECAs).

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