EKN does not accept corruption in any transaction that we guarantee. The applicant and the exporter must certify that no bribes are paid in the transaction and also provide information about any remuneration to agents.

If it is found that bribes have been paid, the guarantee may become invalid. If a bribe has been paid in an export transaction, the exporter may be liable to pay compensation to EKN.

How is EKN’s assessment made?

Transactions with a risk of corruption are identified in two ways 

  1. Contract amounts of SEK 50 million or more in countries ranked 100 or worse on the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index or Export of Defence Materials

  2. The response of the exporter or applicant on the application form regarding agents, debarment, prosecutions and collaborating partners. 

If a significant corruption risk is identified, EKN performs an anti-corruption assessment of the transaction and the parties to it. The scope and form of the assessment depend on the risks that have been identified. The exporter’s anti-corruption system is always an important part of the assessment, however.

What should you do as an exporter?

The applicant for a guarantee must provide information in the application form about issues that relate to corruption or corruption risks. The following information must be provided in the application or exporter’s appendix:

  • A declaration that the applicant or exporter has not and will not bribe.

  • Information about whether an agent has been engaged in the export transaction.

Information on whether the applicant or exporter, or anyone acting on the applicant’s behalf, is included in the World Bank’s public debarment list of companies. The applicant or exporter must also state whether they, or anyone acting on behalf of the applicant, has been served with notice, is being prosecuted for or has been convicted of bribery or any similar criminal act in any country.

Confirmation that the applicant or exporter is aware that EKN’s liability under the guarantee may become void and that any compensation already paid may be reclaimed if bribery or any other improper payment has occurred in the export transaction. EKN will also inform of the consequences of breach of Swedish anti-corruption legislation.

Web page last updated 16 Jun 2021