”EKN:s flexibility opens up more business”

Scania, the world-known Swedish manufacturer of heavy trucks, buses and engines, has a wholly-owned subsidiary with production facilities in Brazil which support the entire Latin American market. When they faced a challenge in a deal with a Peruvian customer, EKN saved the day.

Financial Manager Liana Mara De Marchi Cano heads the trade finance department at Scania Latin America. When asked to describe her experience of EKN, she says:

– We had a big deal going on, with a scope of 37 trucks to a 
mining contractor in Peru. Everything seemed to be on track when the bank suddenly got second thoughts and withdrew from the transaction.

Customer oriented

– We looked for alternative solutions and came up with a new approach where Scania Finance Chile arranged the credits, with guarantees from EKN. By doing this, we managed to save the deal.

– This was the first time we used EKN and my experience is entirely positive, especially when I compare them with the tradi­tional setup we’ve used so far. In an international context, they offer fast service, simple solutions and a friendly, customer-oriented approach.

– I highly recommend other industries facing the same challen­ges to get in touch with EKN.