“EKN’s flexibility allows for more transactions”

Sandvik is an export-intensive company that is represented in 150 countries. Angelica Adamski, head of Sandvik Credit, believes that EKN’s flexibility and solutions oriented approach open up new paths and lead to more transactions.

EKN can guarantee transactions also for the export of products that have not been manufactured in Sweden.

New mandate – more opportunities

“A great deal of our production is done in Sweden, but we also manufacture abroad,” Angelica explains. “EKN’s new mandate gave us completely new opportunities and means that we can make greater use of its guarantees. Compared with the many other ECAs (Export Credit Agencies) I have worked with around the world, EKN is one of the most flexible and service minded. The new mandate is a good example of this,” she says.

New portfolio solution

“Together with EKN, we have created a tailor made portfolio solution that has met our need for faster and more secure export transactions,” Angelica continues. “EKN currently guarantees the transactions according to certain defined templates and we report quarterly.”

“The portfolio means that we are agreed in advance about what applies to a number of relevant markets and currencies. Now we know right away that we have EKN behind us and can offer more financing solutions to more markets. With structured payments and EKN’s rapid case processing, Sandvik Credit can help ensure that the company sells more equipment,” concludes Angelica.