“We can offer something unique for our customers”

Boule Diagnostics develops, produces and sells complete systems for blood analysis to about 200 distributors of medical equipment in 100 countries worldwide. As well as the instruments themselves, a favourable financial solution is also offered.

We sell our systems for blood analysis to customers all over the world,” says Claes Blanche, who is responsible for global sales of the Boules systems. “Our biggest markets are Russia, the USA, India and Brazil. We have our own employees in India, China, Mexico, the USA and other locations. In other words, we have good local knowledge of the markets we deliver to.”

Competitive in 100 countries

“Our problem is the typical one for Swedish exporting companies: high quality costs money. To support our customers, the distributors, so that they can sell to laboratories in hospitals, care centres and clinics, we have linked a financial solution to our offer. EKN’s guarantees for export credits are part of our total solution”.

Attractive financial solution

“The financial set-up gives greater security and a more favourable solution. Our customers have the confidence to enter into bigger transactions and large purchases are easier. That means more business. When the distributors understand that we are not talking about a bank loan at high interest rates, but a completely new type of financial solution, they always come back.”

Satisfied customers

“During 2013 we trebled the number of transactions involving EKN and the number of countries where we have used EKN has increased by 50 per cent. EKN is important to us, especially now that we are increasing our business in Latin America. So we will be increasing our collaboration with them. With EKN, we can offer our customers something unique without landing in financial problems ourselves, such as long credit periods and credit losses. We always get paid and can confidently sell our systems with an outstanding financial solution. That’s a real win-win situation. We are satisfied, our customers are satisfied and EKN is certainly satisfied.”