Collaborate with EKN and offer your customers better terms

With EKN's guarantees, you as a bank can do more for your customers. The need for capital adequacy decreases and credit limits increase.

There are several guarantees that insure the bank's risk on the exporting company. Our most widely used guarantees insure payment in export credits from supplier or bank, but we also offer solutions for contract guarantees, discounted bills of exchange and confirmed letters of credit.

Counter guarantee

Creates credit limits by protecting your recourse risk in a contract guarantee, such as advance payment guarantee.

Working capital credit guarantee protects your credit risk in loans, overdraft facilities or overdraft rights to small and medium-sized companies.

Letter of Credit guarantee

When you confirm letters of credit and want to share the risk with EKN.

Buyer Credit Guarantee

Is used for large contracts where the buyer needs assistance with financing, a so-called buyer credit.

Investment credit guarantee

Protects your credit risk when you grant investment credits to small and medium-sized companies.

Competitive advantage

EKN's guarantees allow you to offer your customers competitive credit terms. This increases both your and customers business opportunities and gives you a greater and sometimes crucial advantage in export business.

Here you can find a guarantee that suits your needs. 

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Web page last updated 3 Feb 2021