What risks does the guarantee cover?

The guarantee protects against risks of government intervention in the investment country, which means that you will not be able to dispose of the investment or that your investment loan will not be repaid.

Examples of such risks include nationalization, expropriation, broken agreements, war, natural disaster, currency barriers, and events associated with economic change.


How does the guarantee work?

Companies operating in Sweden can apply for a guarantee for investment. Banks and other financial institutions, in and outside Sweden, who finance Swedish investments can apply for a guarantee for investment loans.

The investment guarantee covers risk in loans that are not linked to agreements and deliveries. For loans linked to agreements and delivery, EKN's loss on claim guarantee for lenders can be used.

The guarantee usually covers 90 percent of your invested amount or claim, that is, you have ten percent excess. You can also choose to take a higher excess and thus lower your premium for the guarantee.

The excess need not be a definite loss for you in case of default. If EKN recovers a claim, these amounts are distributed proportionally between you and EKN.


What does it cost?

The premium is paid annually in advance and is usually in the range of 0.5-2 per cent per year on invested capital or loan amount disbursed. Premiums for returns are paid separately in case the return is to be guaranteed.

It costs nothing to apply for a guarantee and get an offer. Our offer is valid for six months. Then you can extend the offer for a fee for a three-month interval. The renewal fee will be refunded if the offer leads to a guarantee.


When will I receive compensation from EKN?

  1. In case of transfer hindrance, EKN pays compensation after four months from the date of loss. If the investment has been completely lost, compensation will be paid without a waiting period. If the investment has been partially lost, the value should have decreased for a period of at least six months. In case of war or natural disaster, compensation is paid without a waiting period.
  2. For investment loans, the following applies. EKN pays compensation if repayment has not been made for a continuous period of four months. In case of transfer hindrance, the waiting period applies from the date of deposit.

Web page last updated 21 Sep 2020