EKN wants to promote responsible business. Therefore, environmental considerations and social responsibility are important in our assessment.

Investment currency

The investment currency determines in which currency EKN will issue the guarantee. When your investment currency is Swedish Kronor, Euro, US Dollars, Swiss Francs or Japanese Yen, EKN issues the guarantee, invoices the premium and pays compensation in this currency. For other contract currencies, EKN issues the guarantee, the premium invoice and makes the claims payment in Swedish kronor.

Security for payment

EKN has no general requirement that there must be collateral for the repayment of investment loans. But in some cases it is a prerequisite for being able to issue our guarantee for a transaction.

Examples of such collateral are payment guarantee and mortgages in equipment.

Responsible business in the guarantee

EKN wants to promote responsible business. We assess the risk of negative environmental impact in our guarantee decisions. We also consider social issues and that there is no corruption in the transaction. Some of the questions in the application are about this.

EKN's General Terms and Conditions

The guarantee is governed by EKN's General Terms for Investment Guarantees (November 2005).

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