Lower your transaction premium

The risk level in a transaction determines the premium EKN takes out. As a guarantee holder, there are many ways in which you can reduce the risk in a transaction in order to lower the premium for EKN's guarantee.

Security can lower the risk

If you agree to provide additional security in the transaction, this can reduce the uncertainty in the transaction. If this results in a clear risk improvement, EKN may offer you a lower premium for your guarantee.

Pledged assets, reservation of title and sureties are examples of additional security.

Contractual conditions can lower the risk

It may also be possible to reduce the premium in the guarantee by agreeing on certain conditions in the contract that is to be guaranteed.

These may include

  • Higher advance payment
  • Shorter credit period
  • Your acceptance of a higher excess in EKN's guarantee
  • Use of an EKN guarantee for only part of the transaction period

Accepting a higher excess and/or a shortened guarantee period has an immediate effect on the premium rate in your EKN guarantee.

Please contact us if you are unsure how to control the premium in your transaction and we can come up with suggestions for possible solutions.

EKN´s country risk assessment

EKN summarises the country risk assessment in a country policy, outlining the basic guidelines we use for different countries. The country policy is regularly updated, and is is based on EKN's own risk assessment and the minimum premium levels for political risk defined in the OECD cooperation. 
About country risk assessment