There are a number of guarantees that share the bank’s risk in the exporting company, which increases the capacity for credit. Loans to the buyers in export transactions, discounted bills of exchange and confirmed letters of credit can also be insured. Please note that EKN, in order to meet the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and further facilitate access to financing, has made changes in the working capital credit guarantee.

  • The Buyer Credit Guarantee in favour of banks is used when you provide a loan to the buyer in an export transaction, a so-called buyer credit. The guarantee covers the risk that the loan is not repaid.
  • Counter guarantees share the recourse risk on the exporting company when you issue a contract guarantee in favour of the buyer, such as an advance payment guarantee.
  • The working capital credit guarantee for smaller companies shares your risk when you provide working capital credits in the form of loans, overdraft rights or invoice discounting to companies with a turnover of up to SEK 5 billion, both exporting companies and their suppliers.
  • The working capital credit guarantee for larger companies shares your risk when providing working capital financing to large companies, including financing solutions for their suppliers.
  • Investment credit guarantees share your risk when you extend investment credits to small and medium-sized companies.

Web page last updated 21 Sep 2020