Checklist – application for claim compensation

Your application for claim compensation must include the following.

  • Background to the request for indemnification if this has not been described in previous correspondence between you and EKN.
  • An explanation as to how the unpaid claim has been calculated: the claim amount, accrued interest and any default interest.
  • Information about any payment you have received for a claim not guaranteed by EKN.
  • Information about whether you have recovered the exported goods and, if so, whether you have sold them and at what price.
  • Information about any enforced security and the value of such security.
  • Copies of relevant documents, such as:
    • Invoices
    • Reminders to the buyer or borrower
    • Reminder to guarantor
    • Bills of exchange or bill protest records
    • Documents showing that the buyer or borrower has become insolvent
    • Documents showing that you have monitored your claim – or the bank has monitored its claim – in connection with the bankruptcy of the buyer or borrower
    • Certificate of deposit, in other words a document showing that the claim has been paid in local currency
  • Assignment form – available in different versions depending on whether the guarantor is a bank or exporter, and if the claim has been assigned to a refinancier.

EKN may require other documents in addition to those listed above. These may include original documents if they are necessary as part of the measures to get your claim paid.