Checklist – application for claim compensation

Your application for claim compensation must include the following.

  • Background to the request for indemnification if this has not been described in previous correspondence between you and EKN.
  • An explanation as to how the unpaid claim has been calculated: the claim amount, accrued interest and any default interest.
  • Information about any payment you have received for a claim not guaranteed by EKN.
  • Information about whether you have recovered the exported goods and, if so, whether you have sold them and at what price.
  • Information about any enforced security and the value of such security.
  • Copies of relevant documents, such as:
    • Invoices
    • Reminders to the buyer or borrower
    • Reminder to guarantor
    • Bills of exchange or bill protest records
    • Documents showing that the buyer or borrower has become insolvent
    • Documents showing that you have monitored your claim – or the bank has monitored its claim – in connection with the bankruptcy of the buyer or borrower
    • Certificate of deposit, in other words a document showing that the claim has been paid in local currency
  • Assignment form – available in different versions depending on whether the guarantor is a bank or exporter, and if the claim has been assigned to a refinancier.

EKN may require other documents in addition to those listed above. These may include original documents if they are necessary as part of the measures to get your claim paid.

Web page last updated 22 Jul 2022