Benefit from Sweden’s triple-A backed export credit system

Find out how to lower your risk in trade financing while offering your client better terms.

To facilitate and promote exports and the internationalisation and competitiveness of Swedish industry, Sweden offers a government-backed export credit system.

EKN, The Swedish Export Credit Agency, offers guarantees for payments and financing in export transactions. The guarantees give international buyers attractive financing terms, while lowering the risk for Swedish exporting companies and commercial banks. 

SEK, The Swedish Export Credit Corporation, provides long-term funding for Swedish export-related transactions. Enjoying a high credit rating, SEK can offer favourable loans to facilitate export deals.

Everyone’s a winner

Leverage the combined strength of EKN and SEK to secure these important benefits for all parties involved in a trade transaction:

  • The exporting company receives upfront payment and may offer customers competitive financing.

  • The buyer receives access to attractive financing with long tenors. An export credit also diversifies the buyer’s loan portfolio, and reduces the use of bank credit limits.

  • The bank minimises its exposure to risk and capital loss thanks to the EKN guarantee. The bank also gains access to attractive funding options with SEK, which improves their balance sheet. With an EKN guarantee, the commercial bank can turn to SEK for optional funding of the loan. The loan is assigned to SEK together with the rights under the EKN guarantee. The loan is now on SEK’s balance sheet, while the bank retains the 5 % non-covered portion, if any.

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