About EKN eID

EKN eID is a personal e-identification enabling you to represent your company in EKN Online. Using an EKN eID you can login to EKN Online, as well as approve and digitally sign guarantee agreements. Please see the step by step instruction at the bottom of the page.

Who can use an EKN eID and what is required?

EKN eID is primarily for those who wish to use EKN Online but don’t have a Swedish personal identity number. EKN eID is comparable to a Mobile BankID.

The Company applies to EKN for an EKN eID for a user. The user needs to download the Nexus Personal Mobile security app on a mobile unit using Android or iOS.

Does EKN eID cost anything?

No. EKN eID, and Nexus Personal Mobile are free of charge. However, the user needs to have the required technical equipment to use EKN eID – a mobile phone or tablet with the Android or iOS operating system.

Is EKN eID secure?

EKN eID is a two-factor security solution provided by The Swedish Export Credit Agency (EKN) supported by Nexus Personal Mobile for identification and signatures in EKN’s internet based electronic system for applications and handling the guarantees available online (EKN Online). Nexus personal Mobile is a well-established and secure solution provided by EKN’s partner the Nexus Group.

How long is an EKN eID valid?

The validity period is 2 years from the day of EKN’s approval of the application. When the expiration date is near you should receive an e-mail prompting you to apply for an extension. This is done using the same process as the initial application.

Step by step application process


Fill out application

You apply to EKN for an EKN eID by using the Application – EKN eID form


Attach copy of ID

A copy of the User’s ID should be attached to the application (an identity card issued by a Swedish authority or a foreign passport).


Authorised signatory signs the application

The application needs to be signed by an authorised signatory for the company the User is representing. 

EKN will check the signature against a Swedish registration document, however If the User is representing a foreign company a Legal Opinion is needed to support the signatory’s rights to authorize the application.


Send the documents to EKN

Send the document by post/courier to EKN (address at the bottom of this page).


EKN verify your application

Once EKN have verified your application and the signatures an EKN eID will be issued and you vill receive an e-mail with instructions about downloading the app Nexus Personal Mobile to your iOS or Android unit, as well as how to activate your new EKN eID in the app.


Activate your EKN eID within 7 days

Follow the instructions and activate our EKN eID. At this time you select your personal PIN-code which you will use to login to EKN Online and to sign agreements.

Please note that the activation e-mail is only valid for 7 days. If the link has expired please e-mail middleoffice@ekn.se  and we willl send you a new activation e-mail.

Web page last updated 26 May 2023