About EKN Online

A company or bank wishing to use EKN Online need to apply for a Company Account. All guarantees will then be connected to this Company Account. Read more here.

You can have several Company Accounts if this is needed for you to separate for example different business areas, geographic markets or customers, but most companies choose to have one Company Account.

A Company Account can have one or more Users, these are the persons authorised by a Power of Attorney to represent the company in EKN Online. Each User needs a new Power of Attorney for each Company Account they need access to. Read more here.

If your company already has an EKN Online Company Account you don’t need to apply for a new one. Instead you can request to be connected to an existing Company Account. Read more here.

In order to become an EKN Online user you login with your electronic identification (eID) and accept that EKN can store your personal data for this purpose. For more information about  eID and logging in follow this link Help logging in .

Web page last updated 23 Oct 2020