Public Sector Information

Information available for re-use (PSI data). Some of the information produced or collected by EKN can be used outside of our activities. EKN wants to enable other actors in our society to re-use that information to create commercial or non-profit services.

EKN’s position derives from the EU directive on re-use of public sector information (PSI Directive), as well as the Swedish PSI Act (2010: 566). You can also read more in the E-delegation's guidance for re-utilizing public information.

What information is available?

PSI (Public Sector Information) is about information contained in electronic public and public documents that the authorities through the EU PSI Directive are expected to make available on their websites.

However, all information is not accessible. As an authority, EKN is governed by the principle of public access to official records, which means that must EKN must hastily provide public information that is being requested. At the same time, pursuant to, inter alia, the Public and Privacy Act, EKN has to treat as confidential information about conditions that companies can be expected to suffer from if publicly disclosed.

Read more about the Public and Privacy Act (2009: 400) and the Personal Data Act (1998: 204).

The information that EKN makes available for re-use is free of charge. We deliver the information requested in pdf format.

For questions, contact Eva Kullberg-Tideman, e-mail:

Type of information available for reuse

EKN owns the rights to publications. State the source when quoting or publishing.

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