Press information

EKN is a Swedish government agency that supports export companies and the internationalisation of Swedish business. We do this by offering export companies and banks guarantees for payment and financing, together with expert advice and guidance.

Our services provide an extra level of confidence to any international venture, with strong benefits for all parties of the deal.

We obtain payment for our services in the form of premiums. In other words, our business is premium-financed, the idea being that periods of surplus will finance periods of deficit.

Our customers are export companies and banks. Our services involve offering state guarantees for the payment and financing of export transactions.

Most countries have their own equivalent of EKN.

EKN is an agency which comes under the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Minister for Trade.

Publicity and Confidentiality

As a public authority EKN is governed by the Swedish principle of public access, meaning that when public information is requested, it shall be issued promptly by EKN. At the same time, EKN must act in accordance with the Public Access and Secrecy Act and keep information confidential that, if publicised, is deemed damaging to business and operational relationships. 

Web page last updated 21 Sep 2020