Swedish exports generate domestic and international growth

The past two years have seen Swedish exports grow faster than they have for
many years. The extensive scope of guarantees granted by EKN encompasses
large as well as smaller and multiple transactions.

The Swedish export credit system plays a key role in ensuring the global reach of the country’s goods and services, and in assisting the world’s development needs.

The past year marked a continuation of a period with high volumes of guarantees granted – a total of SEK 56.8 billion in 2,082 transactions involving 129 countries. Demand shows that EKN guarantees solve the needs of companies of all sizes and covers everything from flows of smaller contracts to major transactions.

Many indicators point to a slowdown of the global economy in the second half of 2019 and in 2020, albeit from a high level of growth. The price of risk is gradually rising, which could generate increased demand for export credit guarantees.

The banking sector remains under continuous pressure to transition and to adhere to regulations, resulting in an increased demand for EKN.

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The year in brief

  • The volume of guarantees amounted to SEK 56.8 billion (SEK 39.9 billion).
  • During the year, EKN guaranteed 2,082 transactions (2,093 transactions).
  • EKN guaranteed 682 transactions for small and medium-sized companies (575 transactions).
  • The exports that EKN guaranteed went to 129 countries (133 countries). At year-end, EKN had outstanding guarantees for transactions in 137 countries.
  • According to expectations, claims paid continued to be high, amounting to SEK 1.7 billion (SEK 1.4 billion). They mainly related to a few transactions with claims that arose in earlier years.
  • Profit amounted to SEK 1.0 billion (SEK 1.4 billion). EKN continues to have a stable financial position.

Figures in brackets refer to the corresponding period last year.


New transactions and profit/loss (SEK million)



New offers



New guarantees



Earned premiums



Claims paid







Outstanding exposure and accumulated earnings (SEK million) 31/12/2018 31/12/2017
Offers outstandning 94,769 92,443
Guarantees outstanding 193,295 181,485
Provisions 9,031 10,085
Outstanding claims, nominal 11,429 9,925
Outstanding claims, calculated net value 1,727 1,576
Equity 23,863 22,860

Tertiary reporting.

Since January 2017, EKN has transitioned from quarterly to tertiary reporting.

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