Guarantees continue to increase

Business is booming. EKN issued more new guarantees and more guarantee offers than during the first four months of the previous year.

The guarantee volume has increased by 19 per cent and the offer volume by 21 per cent. The number of small and medium-sized companies using EKN continues to increase.

EKN issued guarantees to a value of SEK 23.2 billion (SEK 19.5 billion). The issuing of guarantees is at a higher level, partly explained by one very large individual transaction. Guarantee offers have also increased in both number and volume. For the first time in its history, EKN issued a guarantee offer for exports to Suriname. The transaction includes several Swedish companies in the agricultural sector as subcontractors, with a Swedish company as coordinator. 

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The Period at a glance

  • EKN issued guarantees to a value of SEK 23.2 billion (SEK 19.5 billion). 
  • The number of transactions guaranteed by EKN is higher than in the previous year. During the period EKN issued guarantees for 890 new transactions (814 new transactions).
  • Provisions for claims have increased for a previously known, large telecom transaction in India. A new major claims transaction has been added and concerns a mining project in Armenia.
  • A recovery of SEK 109 million has been made in a bus transaction for Chile.
  • Profit for the period totalled SEK 452 million (SEK 480 million). The decrease is primarily a result of lower dissolutions of provisions for claims during the period.

New transactions and profit/loss 

Jan-Apr 2019

Jan-Apr 2018

New guarantee offers, SEK millions



New guarantee offers, number



New transactions, volume of guarantees, SEK millions



New transactions, number



Claims paid, SEK millions



Profit/loss, SEK millions 




Outstanding exposure and outstanding claims and accumulated profit/loss  30/04/2019 31/12/2018
Outstanding guarantee offers, SEK millions  87,305 94,769
Outstanding guarantees, SEK millions 208,095 193,295
Equity 24,315 23,863

Tertiary reporting.

Since January 2017, EKN has transitioned from quarterly to tertiary reporting.

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