Significant increase in guarantee volume

INTERIM REPORT JANUARY-APRIL 2018: The period saw an increase in guarantee volume of SEK 10 billion compared to the same period last year. Approximately nine billion of the increase is attributable to a major telecom transaction. The number of guaranteed transactions has been increasing for several years in a row. This trend continues.

During the year’s first four-month period, EKN guaranteed 814 transactions, compared to 759 over the first four-month period of 2017. The number of transactions has been increasing for more than three years. The increase over the four-month period is mainly due to an increase in the trading houses’ transactions and more transactions for some of the larger groups’ subsidiaries.

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The period at a glance

  • EKN issued guarantees worth SEK 19.6 billion (SEK 9.6 billion).
  • The number of transactions guaranteed by EKN continues to increase. EKN issued guarantees in 814 new transactions over the period (759 new transactions).
  • Provisions for claims have increased for an earlier major telecom transaction in India and some transactions in the transport and construction sectors in the Middle East.
  • EKN issued an investment guarantee for an investment in Russia. EKN last issued an investment guarantee in 2011.
  • EKN has signed an agreement with the European Investment Fund (EIF) concerning a guarantee framework of SEK 2 billion to benefit innovative small and medium-size companies.
  • The USA reintroduces trade sanctions against Iran at the beginning of May, which is expected to significantly reduce Sweden’s exports to Iran.

Figures in parentheses refer to the corresponding period last year.


New transactions and profit/loss 

January-April 2018

January-April 2017

New offers (SEK million)



New offers, number



New transactions, volume of guarantees (SEK million)



New transactions, number



Claims paid (SEK million)



Profit/loss (SEK million)




Outstanding exposure and accumulated earnings 30/04/2018 31/12/2016
Offers outstandning (SEK million) 90,020 92,713
Guarantees outstanding (SEK million) 194,714 184,850
Equity 23,089 22,860

Tertiary reporting.

Since January 2017, EKN has transitioned from quarterly to tertiary reporting.

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